Setting up tariffs in TVIP TMS
How tariffs are arranged in TMS:

Tariff plans are related to channels via tags, example:

In this example:

  • "Channel A" and "Channel B" are tagged as "public channels"
  • "Channel B" and "Channel C" channels are marked with "sports channels" tag
  • The "All channels" tariff includes both "Public channels" and "Sport channels" tags thus it contains three channels — "Channel A", "Channel B" and "Channel C".
  • The "Sport channels" tariff includes only the "Sport channels" tag thus it contains only two channels — "Channel B" and "Channel C".


How to configure  tariff in TVIP TMS:
1. In the admin user interface, go to the "Channels" —> "Categories", click on the "+" and create a category:
2. Create a category.
In the following window, fill in the category name, add the channels for that category, and click save:
3. Creating tags for channels.
In the "Channels" section, go to the "Tags" tab:
Press "+" button. Fill in the name, set the mode to "Enabled",
add the desired channels and press save:
4. Create a Tariff.
Go to the "Tariffs" section and press the "+" button:

In the following window:

  • fill in the name;
  • add the required channel tags;
  • select "Tariff tag";
  • activate the tariff ("Enabled");
  • press save.
5. Assignment of tariff plans.

Tariff plans can be assigned to both the device and the user (account), with device subscriptions having higher priority. If there are no device subscriptions, account subscriptions will be used.

In order to assign a tariff to an account:

  • go to "Account" section and select the desired account;
  • go to the "subscriptions" tab;
  • click on "+" button;
  • add the desired tariff;
  • click save.

To assign a tariff to your device:

  • go to "Account" section and select the desired account;
  • go to the "devices" tab;
  • select your device;
  • click on "+" button;
  • add the desired tariff.

Сategory sorting.
  • This function allows you to change the sequence of the channel categories.
  • Go to the Channels section —> "Category Sorting" and set the order of the categories you want by using the cursor.