TVIP labs updates.
Updates of TVIP TMS platform, mobile apps, integrations and visual presentation
of updates (screenshots, screen recording video).

TVIP TMS update.
This release introduces changes that improve performance and stability of TVIP TMS.


  • Updated libraries to fix Log4j2 zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2021−44 228).
  • Improved stability under heavy load from clients using TVIP API protocol.
  • The search function now allows you to find any VoD-related items such as movies and TV series.
  • Added the ability to search by EPG and VoD in English and other imported languages.


  • Admin user interface.
 — The status of TVIP TMS functions are shown on the management page now.
 — The tariff setting method has become intuitive. Now you can allow or deny the tariff for the selected provider, as well as deny or allow the tariff for all.

  • EPG.
 — EPG source has been extended with a new feature — "Image import mode"

 — Free channels from the provider can be delivered to the client device, even if the device is connected to another provider's network with disabled roaming.

  • VOD.
 — Improved VOD editor. Now you can add more than one image to VOD content.

"TMS player" app is now available in the AppGallery for all owners of Huawei devices. (28.10.21)
Huawei App Gallery is the official Huawei app store, where you can download hundreds of Android apps.

Mobile application TVIP "TMS player"
is a possibility to watch your favorite TV programs, movies, serials on your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere.

Update of mobile app "TMS player". (14.10.21)

Introducing updates to enhance the capabilities of TVIP TMS player.

— Interface details have been updated, and some changes have been made to improve the stability and speed of the app.

— "Video" (Video-On-Demand) tab added. This function provides access to online section of movies, TV series and TV shows.

— Added a search function for TV content.

New functionality of TVIP TMS platform.

Dear friends, we are glad to present recent updates that will expand the possibilities of using TVIP TMS.

  • Search function.

Search function is now available to users on all devices: STB, Smart TV, in the mobile app and browser.
As you enter a search query, the search result is displayed on the screen. When you select a movie or show, a card with the description and series (episodes) opens.

  • VOD.

We readjusted the function of Video-On-Demand (VOD) feature.
The admin user interface contains a new internal VOD editor.
Added localization support.
The data is imported from the "TMDB" service database.
❗️ To import data from the database, you need to register an account in "TMDB" and get a key by yourself.

  • Multi-language support.

The "Locales" tab has been added to the administrator user interface.
The "Locales" section is responsible for multi-language support for various platform components, such as: channels, categories, EPG.
You can add translations for channel and category names using this tab.
If your EPG source provider gives multi-language EPG, TMS will import available EPG translations as a part of usual EPG import procedure.

  • Tariffs.

Introducing a new configuration option that will allow you to create more customized rates for your customers.
Using the tariff settings tab, you can add or remove support for features such as archive and VOD.
Update of the mobile app "TMS player". (17.09.21)
Dear Friends, we are pleased to announce the latest changes of the app!

QR-code authorization has been improved.

How it works?
For example, to authorize on a tablet:

1️⃣ In "TMS player" app on your smartphone, go to the menu and select the "scan code" function.
2️⃣ Open the installed application on your tablet. A QR-code will appear to log into your account.
3️⃣ Point your camera at the suggested QR-code on the screen.
4️⃣ Done! Logging into account on your new device will be automatic and will not require you to enter your username and password.

The interface details have been improved, which made it more friendly:

  • icons and buttons are brought to the same style;
  • redesigned navigation elements of the application;
  • fixed the auto-rotate function: when changing the position, the screen automatically switches from portrait to landscape mode and vice versa.

Added azerbaijani and lithuanian translations.

"TMS player" mobile app is a modern television in the pocket of your customers.

Update of mobile the app "TMS player". (03.06.21)
TVIP specialists work on improving mobile app every day.
We present you the latest updates.

TMS player app. What's new?

  • Instant download of previews, i.e. fragments for rewinding video.
  • Support for picture in picture, a mode where videos continue to play in the window even if the app is closed.

The app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.
TVIP TMS updates.
This release contains lots of fixes on internal architecture of the platform. The new version consumes significantly less CPU and memory resources, along with the whole system being more responsive to administrators.


  • Improved command management through Provider API, as well as displaying user statistics within Provider portal.
  • Improved performance of TVIP TMS interaction via Provider API.
  • Interaction between TVIP TMS platform and TVIP CAS server was updated.
  • TVIP API performance have been optimized.
  • Added CAS WideVine.
  • The "Region" feature for an account is now available in Provider API.
  • VNC function is fixed.
  • CAS configurations and TVIP CAS server parameters are now available through Admin UI.
  • Added "Audit" (experimental function): information about when, how and by whom the data was changed.
TVIP "TMS Player" mobile app.(31.03.21)
1. Standard player

Operating system player for video playback. Video decoding is performed by hardware which results in low battery consumption.

The additional stream preparation — transcoding — is required for broadcasting.

2. VLC player

VLC is an open-source player developed by the VideoLAN project.

This media player uses unprepared streams on the client side. It utilizes the resources of your phone's CPU to programmatically decode the stream.

With VLC no transcoding is required, but it causes increased device battery consumption due to the use of software video decoding.

The "TMS Player" mobile app provides the opportunity to use transcoding at your discretion.

You can pick the player in the settings of the "TMS player" mobile app. The interface of the application remains the same while choosing between the players.

Update of mobile app "TMS player". (01.03.21)

What's new?

1. The application is adapted for tablets.

  • Well-designed user interface for the tablet horizontal orientation.
  • You can browse through the list of programs while watching the content.
  • You can easily scroll through the program list to pick the right one.

2. Improved user profiles.

  • Setting up a child profile has become easier. Age restrictions can be applied optionally.

3. Provider-by-name search is now available.

4. The app is ready for the upcoming VoD (video-on-demand) integration.

  • You do not need to install it manually. Additional features will automatically appear in application tabs.