Instructions for enabling the VOD function.
Update TMS to the version

1. Update the platform using the command
apt update && apt upgrade

2. Add VOD in console.

Enable option in configuration file
add to the application section:
    vod: true
Next, you need to do a restart:

systemctl restart gateway-tvip-tms-tvip-api
3. Receive TMDB api key for automatic import function.
To import data from the database, you need to register an account in "TMDB" .

Receive TMDB api key, for automatic import function.
API key tmdb v3

4. Specify the key in configuration file.
    api-key: 'your key'
Example of a key:
Next, you need to do a restart:

systemctl restart manager-tvip-tms-vod.service
5. Enable VOD tariff option in the admin user interface.
Go to the "Tariff" section
Select the desired tariff
Select the "Tariff settings" tab
Click on "+"
Select Type of Tariff Settings — VOD
In the "Code" field specify any convenient name
As a result, the VOD tariff option will appear in the "Tariff Setting" tab:
6. Create Categories.

In VOD section → Categories.
7. Add content.
When adding content, you will see a "Select locale for new content" window.

The selected Locale is imported from the IMDB source by id.

Copy the id of the desired movie/series from the address bar using the example below.

8. Add all necessary Locales.
To add Locale, use "IMPORT" button.

Make sure you selected categories in the "Categories" line.

Important! Be sure to click the "Save" button.
9. Add Content Source .
Go to the "Sources" tab and use the "+" button to add content URLs.

Specify Caption: Content/Trailer

Specify Source Type : SD/HD/UHD

* In case of importing multi-series content, sources are added through the episodes section.

As a result, you will see all added sources.